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Effective launch solutions for game publishers and developers

Gaming Gauntlets is a Multi-Channel Network designed to bridge the gap between brands and their target consumers by connecting them with influencers to market within their communities to stimulate profitability and growth and ensure longevity.

We are here to handle all of your branding and marketing needs!




Searching for the best way to market your brand? look no further!
Market with GAMING GAUNTLETS today!

We have a massive network within the gaming community thats just waiting for you to tap in to it! is an amazing marketing tool and our team has in depth knowledge of what it takes to successfully market through twitch broadcasters and has spent years building relationships and working with other industry veterans.

Partner with Gaming Gauntlets today and use our Multi-channel network to market your brand!

Building mutually beneficial partnerships with brands and sponsors is and always has been high priority whether you are looking to sponsor a single streamer or partner with Gaming gauntlets to market through the MCN our team is here to help!

We pride ourselves on our abilty to bring your brand to your target consumer through our monopolization of twitch viewership which grows Every day as we continue to take on new clients. Sponsorship comes in many forms! We represent influencers for every level of marketing big or small!

Contact us and discover how marketing with Gaming Gauntlets can stimulate profitability and growth for your brand!

Just reached Twitch affilliate, partner pushing, or fresh off of the partner boat?

Are your looking to market your brand and expand your career in the gaming industry but don’t know how?
Our team has built relationships with brands and publishers over the years and now we are opening our network to you!


Are you looking for new methods and creative ideas on how to take your game to an exciting NEW LEVEL? The experienced staff at Gaming Gauntlets has a passion for helping people meet their goals and achieve the desired succsess you deserve. Our staff is always here to answer any of your questions.

One of our professional reps will review and evaluate your channel(s). We will then contact you to schedule a one-on-one meeting. We will share our thoughts on how we can develop a plan of action that can help you meet your PATH TO PARTNER goals and find opportunities for growth.

Our experienced staff works with influencers from all walks of life and platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Mixer. We also offer services to musicians, voice actors, and models. We connect influencers to awesome sponsorships and help them get the most out of their brand FOR FREE!

Unique Team Systems to ensure your growth! Get exclusive access to hot upcoming game launches via true collaboration & participation in our Gauntlets, where your chances of winning are based on your efforts. We offer all influencers opportunities to TAP INTO MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS.

Influencer Management Services Are 100% FREE!!


A sample of some of the games we have experience with.

Game Launch Solutions

Since Gaming Gauntlets started in 2015, we have worked on several projects including alpha testing, early beta launches, DLC marketing campaigns and so much more! We have built relationships with some amazing publishing companies, game developers and influencers allowing us to anticipate your needs in the midst of the stressful chaos of trying to launch a new game and generating sales!

We will connect you with the right streamers to showcase your masterpiece with a positive outlook by distributing keys amongst our team of hand selected content creators who have worked with launches in the past and know how to remain Objective and keep in mind that most games are far from finished at launch and should be appreciated for the blood sweat and tears you poured into it!

Each streamer involved in the gaming gauntlet will advertise for the event on their social media and within their communities.

Pricing varies depending on your specific needs.

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Gaming Gauntlets is a huge supporter of the Twitch community and donates games to “Twitch Underdogs” to add games to their arsenal and improve viewership Gaming Gauntlets has donated over 10,000 keys to undervalued streamers to date!

Our staff offers decades of combined gaming and sales experience.

Bradley Kincaid


Owner and creator of gaming gauntlets, game industry veteran, and networking guru! Marketing magician powered by positivity, Bradley has taken the gaming industry by storm! With his gaming gauntlets Bradley has connected thousands of Streamers to brands and publishers.


Ogrelord / COO

Born on a mountain, raised in a cave, risen from the ashes, INDIE brings life to those around him. Twitch partner, game designer, 3D animator, community manager and more, INDIE has done it all and is here to help guide your success.

andrew hanks

V.P. of Operations

Voice actor/entrepreneur, Andrew is blowing seven different kinds of smoke! with a hand in many pots, Andrew works hard to ensure every client feels like royalty!

Alex England

Director of Operations

Combat veteran, sponsor hunter, and gamer Alex aka “blue” is known for his keen ability to turn every project he touches into gold! with years of sales experience and networking within the gaming industry Blue is an excellent negotiator and will see to it that everyone gets a fair shake!

Sonny Acosta

Influencer Relations

Gamer mom, lover of all things Twitch, Sonny works with influencers and content creators to help them build their brand using her in depth knowledge of the industry and what it takes to build a successful brand.

Jonathan "Lolinia" Phelps

Stream Team Manager

Lolinia has been actively watching anime since 2006 and recently became more of a gamer in 2014. He adores Visual Novels and anime-related games and loves to talk about them. Currently not a wizard.

Chris Randant

Sales Consultant

Talking about games, for games, even on occasion AT games.... From 7+ years of Twitch streaming to game design and community management, to even doing game reviews.. (Chris or Draul) is all about gaming... or gaming adjacent.

Kevin Wagner

Sales Consultant

Growing up as a gamer, It has always been my dream to create content. I started out on Youtube, and made the transition over to Twitch and with my wife Isolde. I have been blessed with the opportunity to take what I love, which is video games to an exciting new level through my work here at Gaming Gauntlets. I get to work more in the gaming industry, play video games, while also being a content creator. I can honestly say I'm living the Dream!

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If you have any questions about our services or would like to join our partner program, please contact us!